0Weight Loss Myths

August 17, 2016 Weight Management

1. Portion Control is Everything Not necessarily true! Joe Colella, MD, a weight loss specialist, notes that you should not “change the portion, but change the combination of what you’re eating.” Everybody’s body and appetite is different, so textbook portions won’t work across the board. For example, it will usually help to up your protein intake, decrease starchy vegetables and increase non starchy vegetables. Eating meals instead of snacking throughout the day is the best way to implement any “portion…

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0Pick Your Protein with Garden of Life

July 7, 2016 Weight Management, Organic Eating, Supplements

All Garden of Life proteins are on sale for 30% off this month at Organic Roots. It’s a deal you’re going to want to take advantage of, but how do you know which protein is right for you? Garden of Life has a variety of unique and different proteins–there’s something for everybody! It’s time to Pick Your Protein with Garden of Life and Organic Roots!   Raw Organic Protein “Ideal for boosting protein intake and supporting athletic activities, building muscle…

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0Detoxes and Cleanses

December 26, 2014 Weight Management, Cleansing
Green Juice

The practice of doing detoxes and cleanses to rid it of unhealthy toxins has been around for centuries. Today the marketplace is cluttered with detoxes that promise to help you lose weight, boost your energy levels and more. However, many popular detoxes and cleanses, especially those that involve extreme low-calorie fasting, can rob the body of important nutrients and place the body in starvation mode, which actually slows your metabolism. Other downsides of many detoxes and cleanses include: dehydration, fatigue, dizziness,…

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0Daily Calcium Needs

September 29, 2014 Weight Management, In The News, Food Benefits, Immune Support

When it comes to bone health, calcium isn’t the only factor. Overall diet and activity levels determine bone health and even calcium needs. Countries with the highest calcium intake have the most osteoporosis, so there’s obviously more to the bone-health story than calcium alone. Here’s another helpful factoid, vitamin D—which is necessary for calcium absorption and is best obtained from 20 minutes of sunshine 3 times a week during summer months and fortified, nondairy foods or supplements during winter months—is…

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0Why Coconut Oil is So Good

September 2, 2014 Weight Management, Cooking & Baking, Food Benefits

Natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses the truth about the many health benefits of coconut oil and why it is better than vegetable oil or any other cooking oil.  

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0Intermittent Fasting Infographic

August 28, 2014 Weight Management

LOVE THIS! Intermittent fasting is not a form of starvation but a way for you to time your meals to maximize your body’s ability to burn fat.

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03 Root Causes of Cravings:

August 14, 2014 Weight Management

By BY ALEXANDRA JAMIESON of MindBodyGreen   Here are the three root causes of cravings: 1. You may not be getting enough nutrients. Many cravings are your body simply asking for what it needs. Ever feel hungry? That’s a craving for food when you need nourishment. Is that bad? Of course not. Being hungry is wonderful! It means you need sustenance to survive. A craving for salty food could be a nutritional need for more minerals. Adding sea salt, which is richer in a…

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0Skip Breakfast? YES!

July 16, 2014 Weight Management

What? Skip Breakfast?!!! You have probably always been told by your parents that you HAVE to have a good breakfast in order to start your day right. Well…that may not be the case. Mounting evidence indicates that intermittent fasting (IF) could have a very beneficial impact on your health and longevity. Check out this awesome 3:32 minute video by Dr. Mercola and get his thoughts on skipping breakfast to maintain a healthy weight.  

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0Vacation or Weekend Diet Recovery Tips

July 7, 2014 Weight Management
organic wheat grass

If you over did it this fourth of July weekend or just need to get back on track after a vacation or hard week… here are some simple diet recovery tips to take action fast. Drink Dandelion Tea   This is great for reducing that initial swelling or bloating after traveling. It also significantly reduces water retention after a heavily salted diet – you know that feeling after eating out a lot while on vacay. Dandelion stimulates the liver, the primary organ…

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0Benefits of Drinking Wheatgrass Juice

July 7, 2014 Anti Cancer Foods, Weight Management, Juicing

 Wheatgrass is truly a Miracle Food – Try it today! And feel free to chase it with an orange slice if you are a bit scared your first time 1.  Wheatgrass Juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available. 2.  Chlorophyll is the first product of light and, therefore, contains more light energy than any other element. 3.  Wheatgrass juice is a crude chlorophyll and can be taken orally and as a colon implant without toxic side…

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