Every month our health food store specials include about 1,200 blue tag items. That’s because when we get special deals from our vendors, we pass them along to you! Now 1,200 is too many to list each month on our website, but we want to make sure you are aware of these awesome deals.


Roots Weekly Hot Deals

Take a look our WEEKLY HOT DEALS Ad (including DOUBLE Ad Wednesdays)!


Organic Juice Bar



Kombucha Float

NEW Kombucha Floats A twist on the childhood favorite rootbeer float,this delicious must have treat swaps out the sugar-loaded soda for either hibiscus or trilogy kombucha! Loaded with healthy probiotics,every sip of this float is good for you too! Plus, it's made with Coconut Bliss Ice Cream!
Coffee Bar

craft draft coffee

Roots' Deli Deals

Gluten Free Bakery

Organic-Roots-Custom-OrdersCustom Bakery Orders!

Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies...Oh  My!

Have an event you want to celebrate with a custom cake, cupcake or batch of beautifully decorated cookies? We're here to help!

Call our bakery team TODAY at 951-296-3444 for more information.
Roots' Organic Thanksgiving Feast!

Ask for the Deli 951-296-3444

*Must order and pre-pay by November 20th.
Kids! Where's Jolly!



Hey Kids! Not excited about going to the grocery store? Well now we have made it just a bit more fun. While you are cruzin' the store, keep a watchful eye out for Jolly the Melon! He is always movin' around the store bringing smiles to everyone that sees him. Tell the cashier where you saw him and get a jolly treat.