December 31, 2013 In The News

By Mike Adams (Natural News) The FDA is on a roll. Barely two week after announcing new quality control standards for pet food manufacturers, the agency has declared that trans fats are no longer safe to consume. A ban of the toxic substance is in the works, and the FDA will spearhead the eventual removal of this disease-promoting ingredient from the food supply. “…artificial trans fat in processed foods, are not ‘generally recognized as safe’ for use in food” “The…

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0Weight Loss Products

December 23, 2013 Weight Management

Whether you need a kick start to losing weight, a supplement, meal replacement, or you’re eating all the right foods but still not losing much weight, Organic Roots is here to help. We have a variety of all-natural weight loss supplements and products to help you lose weight. Get more information on the below weight loss products and more from our Vitamin Team at Organic Roots! Come into the store or give us a call at 951.296.3444 or email us…

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0Creative & All Natural Gift Ideas

December 18, 2013 Gift Ideas
Organic and all natural grocery store

Every year…all throughout the year…we have holidays, teacher appreciation day, birthdays, just because days and more where we need a gift to give. And every year it can be hard to be creative and not cop out to a “coffee house” gift card. Well have no fear, Organic Roots is here! Here are some great items you may not have even thought about, but will wow the person you are giving them to.   1. Sprouting Jar – $4.99 each: If…

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0All Natural Food Coloring

December 13, 2013 Cooking & Baking

The holidays is when a lot of people kick baking into high gear. But did you know that there is such thing as all natural food coloring? In this short 3-minute video we show you just two items we like to use. Color Garden Pure Natural Food Coloring and spirulina powder.

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05 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain Over Holidays

December 10, 2013 Weight Management
Green Juice

Ever made a vow to be healthy during the holiday season, only to find yourself a few pounds heavier in the new year? Maybe you swore you’d only have two drinks a night, or that you’d stick to appetizer-sized plate at the holiday party. And yet somehow January rolled around and you were carrying 5 or 7 extra pounds. How do you break this cycle once and for all? Here are some tips to get you through the holidays: 1….

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0Decrease Risk of Several Cancers with Onions and Garlic

November 26, 2013 Anti Cancer Foods

The Allium family of vegetables includes onions, garlic, leeks, chives, shallots, and scallions. Epidemiological studies have found that increased consumption of Allium vegetables is associated with decreased risk of several cancers. For example, one large European study found striking risk reductions in the participants who consumed the greatest quantities of onions or garlic for oral, esophageal, colorectal, laryngeal, breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers. A fifty-five to eighty percent reduction of almost all major cancers. Amazing!1 Anti-cancer effects of onions and…

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