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April 17, 2023 Product Highlight

12 Tides Ocean-friendly Kelp Chips 12 Tides is taking sustainability to the seas. They area on a mission to turn the tides on climate change by restoring our ocean’s ecosystems.  They do this through regenerative ocean farming, which heals damaged ecosystems by increase marine biodiversity, abundance and water quality. Kelp is a zero input crop, using no pesticides, fertilizers, freshwater, or arable land. Kelp[ farms themselves have a net positive impact on the planet, absorbing and storing CO2, providing habitat,…

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Comments Off on Mens Health with Life SeasonsMens Health with Life Seasons

June 7, 2022 Product Highlight

This month we have partnered with Life Seasons to highlight some of their amazing products that highlight Mens Health. Here is some information about our favorite items from them, on sale all month long at Organic Roots! Masculini-T Testosterone Support It’s common to experience a dip in testosterone as you age. But fatigue, mood swings, and libido issues don’t have to be your destiny. Masculini-T is formulated with all-natural ingredients to combat low sex drive, support erectile health, and boost testosterone…

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Comments Off on Collagen Boosting Smoothie from Ancient NutritionCollagen Boosting Smoothie from Ancient Nutrition

June 3, 2022 Supplements, Recipe, Product Highlight

Why is collagen important? It’s what gives our skin its strength and elasticity. As we age, our aollgen production naturally begins to slow down. Many healthy foods promotes collagen production, but there are few actual collagen sources in food, so supplementation is considered a major collagen booster.   The Three Day Collagen Boost During the three-day collagen boost, you’ll adhere to the following guidelines. Consume only liquids for all meals, which can include bone broth, raw juice, teas, herbal infusions,…

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May 17, 2022 Product Highlight

With so many coffee brands on the market, it can be difficult to set yourself apart. But Trident Coffee does just that. While serving as a Naval Officer, Eric Johnson started brewing his own cold brew coffee during his final tour of duty in Iraq. He immersed himself in the coffee culture, and soon became so proficient, he was praised for his product. Upon returning, with his time in the service coming to an end, he knew he wanted to…

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Comments Off on Cascadian Farm: Love the FarmlandCascadian Farm: Love the Farmland

April 22, 2022 Product Highlight

Over the last 50 years, Cascadian Farm has helped protect the lands that give us all so much. They are committed to creating cascading change for the last 50 years and for the next 50 years to come!   Beginning 2021, Cascadian Farm started partnering with The Nature Conservancy to restore 25 million square feet of America’s farmland. So far they’ve contributed $750K to soil health.     “Our mission is to create Cascading Change to help protect our planet…

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Comments Off on Recipe: Coconut Kefir using Inner EcoRecipe: Coconut Kefir using Inner Eco

March 25, 2022 Recipe, Product Highlight

9Did you know that you can use Inner Eco Original Probiotic Coconut Water to actually make your own Coconut Kefir Yogurt? We didn’t either! Here is a great recipe brought to you from Inner Eco itself, showing us a great use for this amazing produce. It’s time for a Recipe: Coconut Kefir using Inner Eco. According to their website, Inner Eco Probiotic Coconut Water contains the beneficial cultures. Some include: Lactococcus lactis subsp., Leuconostoc subsp., Streptococcus thermophiles, Lactobacillus subsp. These cultures aid in…

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Comments Off on Lift Your Spirits with MarquisLift Your Spirits with Marquis

March 11, 2022 Product Highlight

Marqology is the next generation of energized cocktails. Elevate your craft cocktail experience with their signature blend of plant based caffeine and organic fruit flavors. Since most of your cocktail is the mixer, they assure every sip tastes great, without any additional sugars, calories, or carbs.   Marqini Fleur Super Berry | Spirit: Vodka Ingredients 2 parts Vodka  1 part St. Germain  4 parts Marquis Super Berry Garnish Squeeze of Lime     Marqarita Citrus Yuzu | Spirit: Tequila Ingredients…

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Comments Off on Product Highlight: Heritage Store RosewaterProduct Highlight: Heritage Store Rosewater

February 11, 2022 Product Highlight

Heritage Store is a brand that began in 1969, long before “self care” was a buzzword. Their products have been a staple in wellness store shelves, and recently got a new updated look! But what makes these products so special? Let us tell you a little bit about the benefits of Heritage Store Rosewater. The Benefits Rosewater itself has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It can even help wounds heal faster, and help fade scars. Thanks to the high antioxidants, it…

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0Product Highlight: Life Season’s Endocrine Line

April 14, 2021 Weight Management, Supplements, Product Highlight

Adrenal-T Adrenal Support When the body is under internal or external stress, the adrenal glands release “fight or flight” hormones. Adrenal-T is formulated with ingredients to support healthy adrenal function and normal endocrine response, and promote the body’s return to balance! Adrenal-T restores energy and eases post stress exhaustion and fatigue. Customers have reported noticeable effects within one week of daily use; depending on individual levels of adrenal fatigue, it may take several weeks or longer to nourish and rebuild…

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0Product Highlight: Positive Beverage

October 5, 2020 Product Highlight

Product Highlight: Positive Beverage! New at Organic Roots Market! We are very excited about this new beverage and all of it’s benefits. Enjoy the perfect combination of Potassium electrolytes, 110% all added vitamins + Calcium boost in a zero calorie, thirst-quenching experience great for the entire family! From the Positive Beverage website: In a world of trends, we realize that great flavor, quality ingredients and honest brand values never go out of style – this is why we created POSITIVE…

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