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January 7, 2022 Juicing, Immune Support, Cleansing

Organic Roots, we prioritize achieving and maintaining health in the most wholistic way possible. This includes eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, getting ample exercise, reducing stress and prioritizing rest and sleep, as well as working with your body to eat the best for your personal health and digestive needs. For many people, this includes juicing. Our Juice Bar uses only USDA Organic ¬†fruits and vegetables because we believe in the Organic difference. Juicing often times uses more produce…

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0Importance of Juicing Organic

February 6, 2014 Juicing
Importance of juicing organic

Juicing is a great way to get added nutrients into your diet, BUT if you are not going to juice 100% organic, you may be causing yourself more harm than good. Every year, the conventional U.S. agriculture industry goes through more than 1 billion pounds of pesticides and herbicides. ONLY ABOUT 2 PERCENT of that actually kills insects; the remaining 98 percent goes into the soil, air, water, and food supply. So not only is the outside of nonorganic produce…

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