07 Health Benefits of Maca

July 25, 2014 SuperFood

What is Maca? What are the Health Benefits? How do I use it? Here we go… Maca, a root that belongs to the radish family, is most commonly available in powder form. Grown in the mountains of Peru, it has been called “Peruvian ginseng.” Maca’s benefits have been long valued, and has recently been popularized as a supplement and food ingredient.  There are no serious known side effects of maca, but like any other supplement it should not be taken in large…

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0Watercress Sprouts – Superfood

June 30, 2014 Anti Cancer Foods

Another Superfood to Add to Your Daily Diet Although broccoli sprouts contain the highest amounts of isothiocyanates, other cruciferous vegetables also contain this anti-cancer compound, including watercress. This often-overlooked, leafy green is a close cousin to mustard greens, cabbage, and arugula. When phytochemicals like sulforaphane are excluded from the equation, watercress may actually be the most nutrient-dense vegetable out there—scoring higher on nutrient density scores than both broccoli and sunflower sprouts. Based on 17 nutrients, including potassium, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin,…

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