0Product Highlight: Life Season’s Endocrine Line

April 14, 2021 Weight Management, Supplements, Product Highlight

Adrenal-T Adrenal Support When the body is under internal or external stress, the adrenal glands release “fight or flight” hormones. Adrenal-T is formulated with ingredients to support healthy adrenal function and normal endocrine response, and promote the body’s return to balance! Adrenal-T restores energy and eases post stress exhaustion and fatigue. Customers have reported noticeable effects within one week of daily use; depending on individual levels of adrenal fatigue, it may take several weeks or longer to nourish and rebuild…

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0Vacation or Weekend Diet Recovery Tips

July 7, 2014 Weight Management
organic wheat grass

If you over did it this fourth of July weekend or just need to get back on track after a vacation or hard week… hereĀ are some simple diet recovery tips to take action fast. DrinkĀ Dandelion Tea   This is great for reducing that initial swelling or bloating after traveling. It also significantly reduces water retention after a heavily salted diet – you know that feeling after eating out a lot while on vacay. Dandelion stimulates the liver, the primary organ…

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