New Year New You : Cleansing at Organic Roots

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After the fun and festivities throughout the holiday season, many people choose to do some cleansing come January 1st. Some take on a new diet that removes inflammatory foods, others vow to drink more water.  There are many benefits to cleansing, which is why many choose to implement it all year round! Cleansing may help detoxify your glands and cells, flush out your kidneys and digestive tract for proper function, keep youth & elasticity in your skin, and help build a healthy bloodstream!

Master Cleanse

The master cleanse combines organic maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne with water

If you want to kickstart your new year with a full cleanse, you may consider the Master Cleanse. This combines fasting from solid foods for a set amount of days while enjoying the 6 or more glasses of the drink, as well as water and herbal teas. Many people do this cleanse for increments of 3 or 5 days before slowly introducing solid foods back into their diet.

ACV Daily Cleanse

Daily cleanse of apple cider vinegar, water, lemon and cinnamon

If you’re looking for more of a gentle daily cleanse, then the ACV Daily Cleanse may be right for you. Drinking Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider vinegar daily may aid in weight loss, improve blood sugar sensitivity, and lower cholesterol. ¬†Obviously drinking vinegar is a little harsh, so most people combine it with some other tasty and beneficial ingredients as well as adding it to water to dilute and make it a nice daily ritual.

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