All About Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is an edible succulent plant that stores water in its leaves. It is extremely popular for its medicinal benefits and antioxidant and antibacterial properties. What are some of those benefits? Let’s find out.

High in Polyphenols

Antioxidants are the cornerstone of a healthy body by protecting your body from damage caused by free radicals. The antioxidants found in Aloe vera make consuming the plant incredibly anti inflammatory and anti bacterial. Consuming high antioxidant foods help reduce oxidative stress on your body and is thought to reduce the risk of heart disease and even some cancers.


Wound Healing

Aloe vera has been used topically by many cultures for it’s benefits on wound healing. Due to the anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, and anti viral properties, it is found to be an effective treatment for treating sores, burns, and sunburn. It has also been known to reduce redness, itching, and infection that are associated with wounds.


Promotes Healthy Skin

Along with helping heal your wounds, Aloe vera is also known to improve skin and even prevent wrinkles. When applied topically, it can help retain moisture in the skin and therefore improve skin integrity, preventing wrinkles. It has also been known to improve acne and eczema. When consumed orally, such as drinking the juice, it has been even been shown to increase collagen production overtime.


Lowers Blood Sugar

There have been some research to indicate that drinking Aloe vera juice may help lower blood sugar level in people with type-2 diabetes. This is believed to be by it enhancing insulin sensitivity and helping blood sugar management. This is particularly helpful in those with pre-diabetes, along with various diet and lifestyle changes.


Improves Digestion

Among other benefits, aloe vera juice has also been used for its laxative effect. There have been studies that show that it could also help reduce the symptoms of IBS.


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