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Prospective Vendors for Organic Roots: High Quality Natural & Organic

We have high standards for products in our stores because we value quality, clean and natural ingredients. We always prefer Organic and Non GMO products above all else, and may choose to deny your product based on lack of Organic certification.

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Prospective Vendors for Organic Roots: High Quality Natural & Organic

At Organic Roots, we value speciality products for those with food allergies and specific diets, such as:

• Plant Based

• Vegan and Vegetarian

• Keto and Low Carb

• Gluten Free

• Paleo and Grain Free

• Low Sugar

At Organic Roots, we carry a variety of healthy essentials as well as local and unique brands. Our Product department, we require fully Organic and Non GMO, and love to support local farms. In our Juice Bar, we use entirely Organic ingredients and love supporting local and unique superfood boosters when possible. Our Bulk department is a wide selection of Organic and All Natural grains, beans, flours, sugars, nuts, fruits. and more. Our Meat department values Organic certification, and requires Grass Fed & Finished Beef, All Natural & Antibiotic Free Chicken, and Sustainable Seafood. We also value unique and interesting meats that cater to certain diets. Our Dairy set is only the highest quality, Organic milk, Free Range eggs, and RBST free cheeses. We have a large selection of Plant Based cheeses, yogurts, milks, and more. In our grocery department, we are always on the look out for excellent Gluten Free, Paleo, and Keto products. Our Deli values Organic and All Natural products to help cook up delicious recipes for our guests. Our Bakery is 100% Gluten Free and our Coffee is Organic & Fair Trade.

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Prospective Vendors for Organic Roots: High Quality Natural & Organic

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