Sustainable Brands at Organic Roots

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12 Tides

Ocean-friendly Kelp Chips

12 Tides is taking sustainability to the seas. They area on a mission to turn the tides on climate change by restoring our ocean’s ecosystems.  They do this through regenerative ocean farming, which heals damaged ecosystems by increase marine biodiversity, abundance and water quality. Kelp is a zero input crop, using no pesticides, fertilizers, freshwater, or arable land. Kelp[ farms themselves have a net positive impact on the planet, absorbing and storing CO2, providing habitat, food, shelter, and reproductive grounds for wildlife, and preventing algae blooms and oceanic dead zones. And it doesn’t stop there: to help reduce plastic pollution (50% of which comes from single use packaging), 12 Tides uses compostable packaging and sustainable shipping!


World Centric

Compostable & Zero Waste Products

World Centric is making an impact for a better world. Not only are all of their products 100%  compostable and certified B Corp, but they also donate 25% of their profits to social and environmental organizations. According to the EPA, over 26 million tons of petroleum-based plastic ends up in U.S. landfills alone each year. Choosing eco-friendly products is one way to aid in helping solve this product, and World Centric offers plant based, sustainable made products that are designed to break down and returned to soil through composting. When composted, their products completely break down in 180 days!


Cascadian Farm

Creating Cascading Change to Help the Planet

Cascadian Farm started with an organic family farm and their commitment to organic farming and protecting the planet continues to this day. They partner with The Nature Conservancy to rethink agriculture practices and work on making farming more sustainable for the planet. This includes planned flooding practices, which help nature replenish water stores underground, creates pop-up bird habitats for shorebirds migrating on the Pacific Flyway, and makes more room in water reservoirs, helping preventing flooding in local communities after heavy rains. Cascadian Farm believes in regenerating the land to better the planet and the future of farming.


What If Foods

Planet based food that’s for a Better Better

What If Foods uses the Bambara groundnut (nick named bamnut) to create plant based milk that is better for the planet than more conventional alternatives. The carbon footprint of bamnut milk is SEVEN times less than cow’s milk. If you were to replace 1 cup of almond milk with bamnut milk for one year, you alone would be saving 8,262 gallons of water. Bamnuts are a climate resilient crop, meaning it requires little resources to grow and is able to grow in harsh conditions we see on our planet today. Being a hardy legume, it is more sustainable because it restores soils by fixating nitrogen, introducing organic matter to the soil, and helps build an unground root system that is inductive to soil restoration. This brings back biodiversity and promotes a healthier ecosystem!

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