Organic Roots features the largest selection of certified organic food in Temecula Valley. Buying local whenever possible is our goal with each item we bring into the store. It not only makes a big difference in the quality, but in the lives of our hard working local farmers. Over the years we have developed a special relationships with our local growers to bring you freshness, quality and the best pricing possible. Want a taste? Just ask, we’re always happy to provide samples.


Organic Roots has a whole department dedicated to vitamins, minerals, homeopathics options and more. We know it can be overwhelming with so many options, so we are here to help. While we can’t give you medical advice, we’re happy to help you distinguish between different products and give you resources to aid in your research. Consider us your partner in your pursuit of well-being.

Body & Beauty Care

Head and shoulders, knees and toes! And everything in between. Organic Roots body & beauty department offers clean and natural products for your entire body, including options for your special needs, like: sensitive skin, wheat/gluten-free, vegan, organic, low-allergen, without parabens or petroleum…etc. We carry natural baby and children’s shampoos, soaps, ointments, sunscreens and dental care items as well.


Wow! Everything imaginable and more in every specialty category – vegan, organic, gluten-free, paleo, keto, low glycemic, low-carb, reduced sodium, fat-free, non GMO, dairy-free, BPA-free, macrobiotic, and non-hydrogenated oils – just to name a few. Serving your special needs with a great selection is what we do best. From staples like organic nut butters and organic juices to snack indulgences like organic cookies, crackers and chips, we bring you nutritious and delicious foods. If you have a special need we aren’t serving, please let us know!

Meat, Poultry and Seafood

Organic Roots offers a selection of high quality meat, poultry and fish.  All of our suppliers are thoroughly researched and monitored for quality.

We carry the highest quality beef that you will be able to find. All of our beef is grass fed, but we go the extra mile to ensure varieties of Grass Fed & Finished, Grass Fed & Carrot Finished (seriously!) and of course, Organic & Grass Fed beef.

We carry Smart Chicken, Rosie’s Organic Chicken, as well as a selection of All Natural, ABF Poultry..  No Antibiotics, No Added Hormones…EVER! Always 100% vegetarian fed with no animal by-products.

We also carry all natural pork and wild game, as well as fresh and frozen fish and seafood, all natural and wild whenever possible.

Dairy and Plant Based Perishable

Organic Roots refrigerated and frozen section has all the basics – milk, cheese, eggs and ice cream. We also have specialty items like: raw dairy, goat’s milk, vegan, non-diary alternatives, organic frozen fruits and more. We take the time to find products with the very best ingredients for any diet, so you can fin

All Natural Bulk

Buy just the amount you need and save on packaging and money. Organic Roots features self-serve grains, beans, legumes, dried fruit, nuts, cookies, snacks and more. Plus, you can grind your own coffee, nut butters and pour out some local raw honey! We also have a wide variety of bulk herbs and spices.

Gluten Free Bakery

You won’t find another bakery that compares! it begins with everything being completely Gluten Free, but it doesn’t end there. Our talented bakers are always coming up with new and exciting cakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, bites, cake pops, breads, and more! You can find a mouth watering selection of Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Grain Free, and Sugar Free treats!

Organic Juice Bar

Organic, Cold Pressed Juices are our specialty. You can make our own custom juice, or try one of our most popular blends. We also offer unique and delicious Superfood Smoothies, packed not only with fresh juice but also organic frozen fruit and healthy boosters of your choice. Don’t forget our famously beautiful smoothie bowls, and immune boosting shots!

All Natural Deli

Roots Deli is unlike any other. We have a fully stocked all natural salad bar, full of a colorful selection of organic and local produce, all natural meats & cheeses, house made salads, and organic beans, nuts, and more! We have a fresh hot food bar, where classic comfort food and the uniquely clean cuisine meet. Our Burrito Bar is the place order delicious tacos, burritos, salads, and bowls, made with grass fed beef, all natural chicken and pork, and of course, organic and local produce. Our sandwich bar offers all natural meats and cheeses on organic bread, with plenty of gluten free and vegan options. Our Cold Case Salads are made fresh in house, with all natal and organic ingredients, and change as tastes and seasons change. We also have a Hot Soup & Chili Bar, and plenty of Grab & Go meals for those are just need to pick something up in a hurry!