Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

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  1. Purchase whole foods as grocery staples

    First and foremost, one sure fire way to simplify your grocery shopping is to move away from convenience foods – these are often over processed at worst, and simply more expensive at best. Think buying pancake & waffle mix and prepping yourself instead of buying frozen waffles, or making soups and ramens from scratch instead of prepackaged options. These simple changes help not only your wallet, but also helps ensure that you know what exactly the foods are you’re eating. Also, because you are making things yourself, you can control exactly what you’re using for dietary restrictions or taste preferences.

  2. Frozen food is an excellent healthy options

    Choosing to purchase fresh fruits & veggies in season can help see money while grocery shopping.Do not underestimate the frozen aisle for stocking up on your healthy favorite. Frozen vegetables, fruits, and even bread are excellent ways to load up your kitchen with go to favorites for easy meals.

  3. Pay attention is in store sales

    At Organic Roots, we offer our Hot Deals Ad twice a month that you can find loads of promotions to shop your favorite brands for less. We even have a Double Ad Day on the 15th of every month where both ads overlap and are simultaneously active! This includes our organic produce, fresh meat and seafood, grocery aisles, vitamin and beauty products, as well as service departments like our¬†Juice Bar, Coffee Bar & Gluten Free Bakery, and Full Service All Natural ¬†Deli. On our Hot Deals Ad page, you’re able to flip through our ad digitally, and even make a custom shopping list to make sure you take advantage of deals on your favorite items.

  4. Eat seasonally

    One sure fire way to ensure you are paying the best prices on fresh fruit and vegetables is to buy what is in season, and even better, what is in season locally. The is a big difference between the watermelon you buy in the middle of summer versus one you buy in December – price and quality wise! Local farms allow us to bring you fresh organic avocado, citrus, and berries at great prices when the season permits. And, they are always at the prime of ripeness, making them the tastiest and most nutrient dense they can be!

  5. Join our Loyalty Program at Organic Roots Market!

    At Organic Roots Market in Temecula, we have a Loyalty Program for our customers! Just sign up with your name and phone number in store at checkout to start receiving points! After earning 500 points, you receive a coupon for $5 off your order!

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