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Every year…all throughout the year…we have holidays, teacher appreciation day, birthdays, just because days and more where we need a gift to give. And every year it can be hard to be creative and not cop out to a “coffee house” gift card. Well have no fear, Organic Roots is here! Here are some great items you may not have even thought about, but will wow the person you are giving them to.

Sprouting Jar


1. Sprouting Jar – $4.99 each: If you know of someone that is into nutrition and health, this may just be the perfect gift. Many times people that sprout and soak their own nuts , seeds and grains use mason jars, but those can be too small. This 12 inch tall glass jar with mesh lid is perfect for making enough for a family. Plus it comes with instructions and  a couple recipes for those just getting into sprouting & soaking. Click here for more information on the health benefits of soaking & sprouting nuts, grains and seeds.


Monde eau Wine


2. Monde eau Wine – $6.99 each: When you buy a bottle of Monde eau wine, 100% of the cost from this Organic wine goes directly to “CHARTIY: WATER” to bring clean drinking water to people all over the world! There are four varietals – Cabernet Sauvignon • Chardonnay • Reisling • Syrah. Click here to learn more about Monde eau wine.



Volti Salami


3. Wine Salami by Volpi – $5.19 each:  These mouth-watering salami are infused with high quality wines and cheeses, dry cured and aged to perfection. Volpi wine salami is made with all natural fresh pork, minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients or nitrites. Each flavor is named after the wine it pairs well with. We sell Pinot Grigio Salami,  Chianti & Rose Salami. This would make a great gift basket along with some paired wine and cheese.



Sprouted Nuts and Seeds


4. Local, Organic Raw & Sprouted Nuts & Granola – $6.99 – $16.99 each: We carry two lines of organic raw & sprouted products that are from locals! Tasty Naturals and Sky Island Organics. These items make the perfect stocking stuffers or items to put in a gift basket of goodies.



Bella Vado Bar


 5. Bella Vado Skin Care Line – $8.49 – $12.99 (plus 20% off in December): OMGosh! This line is a base of avocado oil. It is pure, from a local company and it smells AMAZING! We carry their body & face wash, hair serum, body lotion and bars of soap. Great stocking stuffer. Or just add in our all natural loafs and body scrubbers for the perfect gift basket!



HimalaRose Massage Stones6. 100% Himalayan Seas Salt Massage Stones: – $14.99 (plus 20% off in December!): This is a great item for those that love massage, but don’t always have time (or the money) to go to a massage therapist every week. Just heat these stones up, add your favorite massage oil and massage a loved one for the ultimate gift of relaxation.




LifeFactory Glass Bottles7. LifeFactory Glass Water Bottles – $24.99 for 22 oz: For those concerned with the prevalence of harmful chemicals and plastics in the systems that feed and hydrate us, a glass water bottle is genius!  Always BPA/BPS-free and dishwasher safe, all components are made in the U.S. or Europe.




Organic Roots Gift Card


8. Organic Roots Gift Card – Priceless: For the ultimate gift, the one of nutrition is always numero uno. Having your health is everything. Get someone started on the right path with an Organic Roots Gift Card. We’ll even include a store tour and brief nutritional talk for free (upon request). 




If you have any other fun ideas be sure to let us know!

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