Holiday Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone on your List

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With Christmas just a few weeks away we’re all making a list and checking it twice, searching for the perfect gift. One idea that is always well received is a themed basket of healthy foods and drinks.

So swing by our Organic Coffee Bar, grab yourself an Organic Holiday Eggnog Latte and let us guide you to putting together some a fun and unique gift baskets.


 Organic Wine and Cheese basketWINE & CHEESE BASKET

I bet you didn’t know that we carry over 25 brands of ORGANIC and no added sulfite wines! From full bodied earthy toned reds to a unique sweet apple wine, we have every palate covered!

Mendocino County’s Green Truck Organic Wine offers a delectable Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Petite Sirah, and a Cabernet Sauvignon at just $11.25 a bottle. Chacewater Wine comes to us from the Sierra Foothills, in a Zinfandel, Sirah, Rose’, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and just $13-$15. Badger Mountain Organic wines are on sale, with Chardonnay for $5.99 and Merlot for $8.99 through December 10th. For the Cider lover, Sonoma Country Craft Cider offers an organic Gravenstein Apple Wine. Pair any of these wines or cider with a selection of organic, non-GMO cheeses like Goat Cheese by Natural Valley.   Pepper Jack or Colby cheeses by Rumiano for just $3.89 a package.  Throw some gluten-free Parmesan Garlic Bagel Chips by Glutino into your picnic basket for just $5.89 and you’re good to go!


The Wellness Formula by Source NaturalsGIFT OF WELLNESS BASKET

Colds and flu is often an unwelcome house guest around the Holidays, but the gift of wellness will keep your friends & family prepared. Immune boosters such as Elderberry syrup, Probiotics, Colloidal Silver, Fish Oil, and Oregano or Olive Leaf Oil all help build the Immune System and keep sickens at bay. The Wellness Formula by Source Naturals is a complex of Immune boosting herbs, such as Echinacea, Goldenseal, Astraglagus, and 20+ other herbs, on sale for $17.24 for 120 caps. Vitamin C powder packs by Ener-C Electrolyte Complex is just $7.99 through Dec. 10 (reg. $15.95) for a box of 30 packets. Yogi Immune Health Tea is the perfect addition along with some of our Roots Local Honey, just $5.39 for Orange Blossom, Local Wildflower, & Beekeeper’s Special. Or try one of our flavored honeys like Hatch Red Chili or Cinnamon-Infused. 


chameleon-cold-brew-coffeeCOFFEE LOVERS BASKET

This basket is sure to be on the top of any coffee lovers list. Start by grabbing a blend (or two) of our popular Cameron’s Organic Coffee beans. We have a large variety of different blends to choose from ranging from Bold, full flavored like our Jamaica Me Crazy to lighter varieties like our Sumatra blend. Not sure what to get, just look over the counter and ask one of our friendly Coffee Bar Team Members for advice.

Then head two steps over to our Roots Bakery – where we make so many delicious gluten-free, raw and even paleo treats. Grab a couple of our delightful gluten-free muffins, a very popular Seedy Zone Cookie and/or even our large Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie that’s big enough to share!

 NOTE: And for your holiday parties, be sure to you special order some of our goodies, like our gluten-free Pumpkin Cheesecake and Pumpkin Rolls, or our gluten-free Sweet Potato, Pumpkin or Apple Pies!

 Lastly, head across the store near the juice bar and get a bottle of Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee. Their delicious, cold-brewed concentrates capture the very essence of coffee and are infinitely customizable.


savannah bee coTEA & HONEY BASKET

 For the tea lover, this is one “sweet” gift!

 First start by getting one of our BPA FREE Tea Infuser Bottles by One Love Tea that is simple to use and perfect for making tea (hot or cold) on the go.

On the same tea display you will find a wide variety of very cool kinds of tea from One Love Tea like Vanilla Earl Grey, Coconut Honeybush, Peach Paradise White Tea, Coconut High Energy and more!

 Lastly head on over to our honey section and see what’s buzzing on our super amazing Savannah Bee Company display of honey products! Choose from beautifully bottled artisanal honey, 100% pure varietal honeys for everyday use and even RAW HONEY COMBS! These products are wonderfully pure and un-BEE-lievably tasty!


wholesome chow baking mixBREAKFAST BASKET

This is fun gift for the cooks on your list! Start with a package or two of Wholesome Chow’s Baking Mixes like their Organic Gluten Free & Vegan Scone Mix or their All Purpose Baking Mix which is great for making Pancakes, Cookies, Muffins, Breads, Scones, Pie Crusts… and more! All of their products are made without and never require Eggs, Dairy, Casein, Gluten or Wheat.  And, they are Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher and Vegan. 

Then head to our bulk section of the store and pick up some yummy mix-ins, such as dried fruit, chocolate chips or nuts! Lastly add a bottle of Real Maple Syrup by Shady Maple Farms, a box of their favorite tea, and/or some of Cameron’s Organic Coffee.


pamelas pizza crust mix


For your favorite foodie, instead of a basket, purchase a colander and line it with colorful dishcloths. Then add a package of Gluten-free Pizza Crust Mix from Pamela’s for $4.45. Add a roll of gourmet dried salami by Volpi for $5.99. Cucina & Amore’s Tapenade, Bruchetta, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Pesto from just $3.99 a jar and last, but not least, add a bottle of our organic wine and mangia!





Put a smile on every kids face with a Polar Express themed basket of goodies. Wonder Cocoa makes the best Hot Chocolate and it’s so easy! Just heat one cup of hot milk to one tablespoon of pure cocoa powder and 2 tsp of honey per serving. It is just $9.69 for a 6 oz container and it’s made of 100 percent roasted cocoa beans, fat free and cholesterol free, contains no artificial colors or flavors and is 99.7% caffeine free! Add a bag of Angie’s Holidrizzle White Chocolatier Peppermint or Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Kettle Corn on sale for 2 for $5 for a 4.5 oz bag. Lastly add in a bag of Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix by XO Baking Co for a fun way to spend a winter day baking with the kids. 



organic fruit basketORGANIC FRUIT BASKET

Who doesn’t love fresh, organic fruit? And why spend big $$ online for a fruit box when you can choose from our array of fresh Organic Navel Oranges, just $.99/lb, Organic Meyer Lemons $2.99/lb., Pineapples, Silver Thorn Grapefruits, Persimmons, just $.99/lb and Bosc or Bartlett Pears for just $1.79/lb. Fruit is a gift that is always tasty, thoughtful and of course “Rooted” in health.





Free-16oz-drink-with-30-gift-card-purchaseGIFT CARD

Still not sure what to get? You can never go wrong with an Organic Roots Gift Card! And now through December 31, 2014 for every $30 you spend get a FREE Organic 16oz Juice or Smoothie from our Organic Juice Bar (click here for full offer details).

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