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October is Non GMO Month, and we at Organic Roots believe in living GMO free. Are you out of the loop when it comes to GMOs? You have the right to know, so here are the basics and you make the call!

What Are GMOs & Why Should I Avoid Them?


The Non GMO Project defines GMOs (genetically modified organisms) as “living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering”. The science here is relatively new, and combines plant, animal, viral, and bacterial genes in ways that are unnatural and not used in traditional agricultural crossbreeding. The long term effects of consuming GMOs are unknown, and the effects genetic modification of crops on the environment is unknown. Over 60 countries in the worlds, including all of the EU nations, have strict retractions or all out bans on the production and sale of GMOs.

Some claim that through genetic modification, we will be able to cure world hunger. However, GMO crops increase the use of pesticides, which are known to have negative effects on human health as well as the environment. Genetically modified crops and non genetically modified crops cannot co exist, making it difficult to produce crops with useful traits.  Also, genetically modified foods are patented and create an ownership over food supply, destroying the small farmers and communities who grow their own food.


How Can I Avoid Consuming GMOs?

Genetically modified foods are in 80% of America’s processed food. About 90% of all corn, soy, and canola are genetically modified, just to name a few. Always try to purchase Non GMO Project certified products when purchasing packaged foods, and make sure all of your produce is certified USDA Organic. When this is not possible, try and buy things that are low risk. Don’t know where to start? Check out livingnongmo.com to find dozens of resources like flyers, apps, websites, and databases to help you avoid GMOs.


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