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Organic Roots has an extensive and high quality bulk department that offers flours, rice, grains, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, herbs, spices, teas, and more. We even have machines where you can grind your own nut butters and get local raw honey! Why should you buy in bulk?

Saves Money

One of the greatest benefits to buying products in our bulk department is your ability to save money! Items sold in this way essentially “cut out the middle man”, allowing farms and vendors to sell us large quantities of items like rice, quinoa, flour, dried fruits, and nuts without going through a packaging process. Those products then go to you at a much lower price because of that!


Reduces Packaging

Another reason many of our customers choose to shop in bulk is not just to save money, but BECAUSE it doesn’t include the excess packaging. These items come from the distributor in large bags, which then go straight into our bins. Only once somebody wants to purchase do they get put into another bag to go home with you! There is not other packaging, meaning way less waste overall.


Control Over Quantity

Something you may not have considered as a benefit to buying products in our bulk department is that you have complete control over the amount of product you’re actually buying. Have you ever had a recipe call for a small amount of an item, only to have to buy a whole bag of it at the store, knowing you only need so much? The benefit of buying in bulk is that you can buy as much or as little as you need!

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