Kombucha on Tap

Try our delicious Kombucha Floats! Made with Coconut Ice Cream.

Health food markets have discovered a social aspect of drinking Kombucha among the health conscious demographic. Yogis, athletes and health conscious people are getting together and enjoying pints of Kombucha similar to the way many enjoy pints at the pub. It’s a way to be social without experiencing the detrimental health effects of alcohol. This trend has grown so much over the past few years that even bars are carrying it for the social individuals who don’t want to get intoxicated. Just like beer, Kombucha tastes more sparkling and alive on tap. However, unlike beer, Kombucha has many health benefits.

Why Kombucha on Tap?

Kombucha from the tap provides you with all the same wonderful nutrients but with much more effervescence, than Kombucha from the bottle has to offer. When you drink from the tap, you are taking in all the nutritious acids and friendly bacterium naturally existing in Kombucha. Plus by buying one of our Roots 32oz or 64oz reusable glass bottles, not only will you be helping the environment, you will save on refills using your Roots Glass Jug!

Kombucha is perfect after a morning yoga session or even just hanging out with friends. If you’re a Kombucha fan or if you’re in the mood to try something different and healthy, grab a glass of Kombucha on tap and taste a drink that everyone is craving.

Flavors of Kombucha on Tap

  • Gingerade
  • Hibiscus
  • Strawberry
  • Gingerberry
  • Trilogy
  • Melon (Pomegranate coming soon)
  • Any Combo you can think of!

*Kombucha flavors change periodically.

Kombucha Healthy Happy Hour

Joins us EVERY DAY from 3 – 5pm in our Juice Bar for our Kombucha Healthy Happy Hour. Enjoy $2 Off* all kombucha sizes and flavors!

*Excludes Kombucha Floats

Kombucha Floats

A twist on the childhood favorite rootbeer float, this delicious must have treat swaps out the sugar-loaded soda for either hibiscus or trilogy kombucha! Loaded with healthy probiotics, every sip of this float is good for you too!

Plus, it’s made with Coconut Bliss Ice Cream!

16oz Kombucha Float: $5.50
hibiscus or trilogy kombucha + coconut Ice cream

Kombucha on Tap Pricing

16oz $4 | 24oz $5.50 | 32oz $8 | 64oz $15 w/ Roots Glass 64oz Jug Only


Organic-Roots-Amber-Glass-Bottle-64-ozGo green, save and drink your kombucha in style when you buy one of our 32oz or 64oz re-usable glass bottles.

  • Purchase of 32oz Roots Glass Jug filled with 32oz Kombucha: $14.99
  • 32oz Glass Jug Kombucha Refill: $7.75
  • Purchase of 64oz Roots Glass Jug filled with 64oz of Kombucha: $22.99
  • 64oz Glass Jug Kombucha Refill: $15

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