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Fall is just around the corner, and for many, that means fun social gatherings in the crisp Autumn air. From tailgates to  Halloween parties, everyone is ready to get together with friends and have some fun. When we think of entertaining guests, we think of the classic staple of every party: the cheese plate. Here we give you some ways to make the perfect Autumn Cheese Plate, utilizing seasonal fruit and considering diet restrictions!


Ingredients We Love: Organic Pomegranates, Organic Gala Apples, Jovial Einkorn Crackers, Tamari Pumpkin Seeds (Root’s Own Bulk!), Smokehouse Almonds (Root’s Own Bulk!), Heavan Mountain Goji Berries, Olives (Root’s Olive Bar!), Mediterranean Organic Olive Pouches, Miyoko’s Black Ash Nut Cheese, Kingdom Organic Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Guayeco Guava Paste, Organic Valley Organic Provolone Cheese, Organic Raw Honey (Root’s Own Bulk!)



Miyoko’s is a line of Cultured Nut Based Cheeses, and with such a wide selection, they really have a “cheese” for everyone. We love the unique Mt. Vesuvius Black Ash, the cashew based cheese covered in vegetable ash. It holds a bold, dense flavor and almost a buttery sweetness & pairs well with Organic Pomegranate Seeds, as well as Jovial’s Sea Salt Erikorn crackers, especially when topped Heaven Mountain’s moist goji berries! Try some of our Tamari Pumpkin Seeds to add a little salt to this sweet spread!




Apples & honey are a staple of the season, and what cheese plate is complete without them? We pair Organic Gala Apples with Kingdom’s Sharp Cheddar Cheese for a perfect blend of tangy and sweet. Jovial’s Rosemary Erikorn Crackers help add a herbal flair and some Organic Raw Honey really ties it all together.





 This is a really quick and easy appetizer we are obsessed with. You take Guayaco Gourmet Guava Paste and cut it into little 1 inch squares, and then stack it on top of a 1 inch square of cheese. We think Organic Valley’s Organic Provolone makes the perfect combination, but you could also used mozzarella or even feta! We think the sweetness of this snack is complimented perfected with the Smokehouse Almonds found in Root’s Bulk department, and even some tangy Organic Pomegranate seeds!