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Spring is here! And with it, some delicious seasonal fruits & veggies, always organic and fresh from the farm at Organic Roots. Looking to eat more produce that is in it’s peak season?

We’ve got you covered.


Raspberries start showing up in April, peaking mid summer and lasting until October. They should be bright and evenly colored, with a full and roundness to the shape.


Asparagus is at peak in April and May, giving us the bright green stalks that are plump and firm. Another option during asparagus season is purple asparagus, which is similar but has a bit more of a nuttier and sweeter flavor.


The month of April kicks off Basil season, which will be at its peak during the summer. Wildly aromatic, basil is perfect for making pesto, caprese salad, or raw in a nice spring salad.


Artichokes are a classic spring vegetable, and they aren’t in season for too long, make sure you get in your fix now! The best way to find a good one is to use the “squeak test” — hold the artichoke next to your ear and squeeze it’s leaves. If you hear a squeak, you’ve got a fresh artichoke!


April is considered the peak of strawberry season, although in Southern California they can last all the way until October. They should be bright in color with a natural shine, and have a fragrant smell.  This is one fruit that many people love to eat on a seasonal basis.


April is an exceptional month to start buying apricots. These delicious little fruits are best when the skin is a golden orange and has a strong sweet smell. They should be mostly firm but had a little give when squeezed.


Want to learn more about what we carry at Organic Roots, seasonal or otherwise? Check out out What We Carry page to learn all about our store and it’s variety of all natural and organic products!

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