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About Allicin’s Ranch Volcanic Garlic

Allicins Ranch LogoOur volcanic garlic is grown in two of the most pristine environments in North America using all organic practices, though we do not certify anymore. Spending our summers in the panhandle of North Idaho, we farm our small sustainable garlic mainly by hand. As our crop for the next season is safe asleep in its winter bed, we head down to the Baja in our big red school bus “Allicin” outfitted with a hydrogen fuel cell and solar panel to help in the harvest, cleaning, and braiding of this gorgeous crop of purple soft neck – “Ajo Morado.” Upon returning north, we sell and distribute the crop which our friends have so painstakingly worked to produce; spreading good health, flavor, and vitality to our customers along the way home. We love to share this special journey and this glorious gift of the earth with everyone we contact on our way home. When we arrive back at the farm in Northern Idaho the work begins all over again in the garlic patch. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Available April 15th – August 1stVolcanic Garlic

For 8 years, we have helped harvest, clean, and braid this garlic that is grown using all organic practices in a pristine valley which floods every year supplying new, rich, mineral-laden volcanic soil. Grown in an exceptionally healthy environment entirely by hand in a field far removed from any roads or industry, this garlic defines organic. The rich purple striping of this ajo morado is intensified by the trace minerals in the volcanic soil, its beauty rivals the flavor!

Benefits of Buying Volcanic Garlic

  • Unique variety from the Baja that will not sprout, and will not dry out for up to a year from harvest. Due to climate and time tested genetics, Harvest’s are traditionally 3 months earlier than any other garlic!
  • Grown sustainably, and naturally, using only organic methods (though not certified); Chemical free, pesticide, insecticide, herbicide or any-cide free.
  • Grown by hand in a pristine valley far-removed from any industry, major road, and populous of any kind.
  • Grown in fertile volcanic soils with abundant trace minerals, and watered with delicious spring water from deep within the mountains.
  • Supports small-scale sustainable agriculture for our family and friends, and bought and sold at a fair price.
  • Brought to you directly by the farmer, by way of a modified school bus – running on a combination of diesel/hydrogen and solar, he is able to sustain his way throughout the country.

We carry it at Organic Roots

We are so excited for this time of year to come around so we can feature this beautiful and awesome purple volcanic garlic! Stop by today to get a bouquet like the one featured in the above image or a braid! Then let us know what you think!

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