Product Highlight: Positive Beverage

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Product Highlight: Positive Beverage! New at Organic Roots Market! We are very excited about this new beverage and all of it’s benefits.

Enjoy the perfect combination of Potassium electrolytes, 110% all added vitamins + Calcium boost in a zero calorie, thirst-quenching experience great for the entire family!

Product Highlight: Positive Beverage

From the Positive Beverage website:

In a world of trends, we realize that great flavor, quality ingredients and honest brand values never go out of style – this is why we created POSITIVE BEVERAGE.

With a mission to provide healthy hydration with simply better ingredients great for all ages – we created a line of products that satisfy taste that you can be proud to put into your daily routine. Our clear vision was to do this at a price point accessible to all while operating transparently with real ingredients – all to reinforce our core values and promise to you. And finally, we did this with a values-centric motivation – to enrich the lives of people, families and communities by playing a small role in the boardroom or the soccer field powering whatever big day people had in store.

We’re POSITIVE BEVERAGE, and we’re here to spread positivity through every can, bottle and drop that we share with you.

Zach Muchnick / Founder

Try these new drinks at Organic Roots, on sale through October for 4 for $5! And check out more Hot Deals here!

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