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All Garden of Life proteins are on sale for 30% off this month at Organic Roots. It’s a deal you’re going to want to take advantage of, but how do you know which protein is right for you? Garden of Life has a variety of unique and different proteins–there’s something for everybody! It’s time to Pick Your Protein with Garden of Life and Organic Roots!


Raw Organic Proteinimage

Ideal for boosting protein intake and supporting athletic activities, building muscle or supplementing a low-carb diet.”


Raw Vegan

Gluten Free

Easily digested enzymes & probiotics

Excellent for anyone who needs to up their protein




Raw Organic Protein & Greensimage

Ideal for those looking for a power-packed nutritional match—RAW Protein & greens!”




Soy Free

20 grams of raw plant protein

Six organic veggies & greens




Organic Raw Fitimage

Ideal for losing weight, burning fat and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.”



Low Glycemic

High in protein to boost metabolism

Organic Ashwagandha to help overcome carbohydrate cravings




 Raw Organic Mealimage

Ideal for on-the-go people looking for a complete whole food meal replacement.”



Raw Vegan

A complete meal in every serving

Loaded with clean protein, probiotics, enzymes & essential vitamins

High in fiber to prevent hunger





Organic Plant Proteinimage

Ideal for feeding the whole family with a delicious protein smoothie with a creamy texture.”



Gluten and Grain Free

Paleo Friendly

Low in sugar & high in naturally occuring amino acids






Souce: http://www.gardenoflife.com/content/products/protein/compare-proteins/


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