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If you over did it this fourth of July weekend or just need to get back on track after a vacation or hard week… here are some simple diet recovery tips to take action fast.

Drink Dandelion Tea

dandelion tea


This is great for reducing that initial swelling or bloating after traveling. It also significantly reduces water retention after a heavily salted diet – you know that feeling after eating out a lot while on vacay. Dandelion stimulates the liver, the primary organ that removes toxins – which is what you want after a trip being exposed to all sorts of things out of your element.

One of Roots’ favorite Dandelion Tea: Traditional Medicinals




Daily Wheatgrass Shots

Wheatgrass shots


Speaking of removing toxins, there may not be a better way to do that than drinking daily wheatgrass. I have 40 or so reasons listed here if you don’t believe me…You don’t have to do a daily shot to get the benefits however, a few times a week is great too, especially after a vacation or the holidays. It is a sure fire way to help speed up your energy, your vibrance and your metabolism. It’s very powerful stuff and its potency takes getting used to.  



 Eat Raw Vegetables at Every Meal

Organic Salad


Just eat raw vegetables before every meal (including during breakfast), drink daily green juice or green smoothies…or do all three if you love your veggies. Raw vegetables are known for removing toxins and healing your body fast. 

The following daily plan works great for most peoples’ schedule … a green smoothie for breakfast (FAST to make), raw veggies before lunch (pre-cut the night before) or a large salad, and a green juice (freshly made after work or bought) before dinner. And of course my actual meals will all consist of even more vegetables to aid in the overall detox…



Eat at Home

This should be a top priority on your list of to-dos. Even if trying to order healthy at restaurants, the amount of high calorie fat (healthy and unhealthy ones too) probably ended up in your food was more than you would’ve liked.

Hot Yoga

bikram yoga Temecula

 80% of detoxing is what you put in your body… but don’t discount how hot yoga can help detox your body from the inside out. Yoga poses are designed to hit and bring energy to every organ in the body – improving your digestion, circulation and brain. Practicing in a hot room, allows you to get deeper into the poses (stimulating all the organs that help with detoxing more effectively) and releases some toxins via sweat. 

In Temecula, we have a great studio you can join called BikramYoga. Learn more on their website  http://www.bikramtemecula.com/


Article modified from FoodBabe.com

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