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1. Portion Control is Everything

Not necessarily true! Joe Colella, MD, a weight loss specialist, notes that you should not “change the portion, but change the combination of what you’re eating.” Everybody’s body and appetite is different, so textbook portions won’t work across the board. For example, it will usually help to up your protein intake, decrease starchy vegetables and increase non starchy vegetables. Eating meals instead of snacking throughout the day is the best way to implement any “portion control” so you won’t mindless overeat.

2. Fruit is a Big No No

False! Fruit may be high in natural sugar, but the high amounts of fiber and nutrients make it worth your while. As long as you’re eating plenty of protein and vegetables, fruit is absolutely beneficial for weight loss! By contrast, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners are the sweets that should be eliminated from your diet.

3. Diet Soda Helps Weight Loss

Speaking of artificial sweeteners, diet sodas have been misleading consumers for decades into thinking the zero calorie drinks are beneficial to weight loss. This is quite opposite from the truth, so much so that the nonprofit consumer advocacy group, U.S. Right to Know, is asking federal regulators to ban the “diet” label to help public health. Looking to replace diet soda with a drink that promotes weight loss? Try green tea! Studies have shown that the combination  of polyphenols and caffeine increases the use of body fat as fuel.

4. Hunger Means it’s Working

One of the biggest mistakes people make when attempting weight loss is by simultaneously reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity. Both of these actions will increase in an increased appetite, which is unnecessary and sets everyone up for failure. Instead, try changing the TYPES of foods you’re eating slowly over a few weeks, taking advice above, and then after a few weeks, start a slow and stead work out regimen.

5. Weight Loss Supplements Do Nothing

The main issue that leads to people believing that all natural weight loss supplements aren’t effective is that they use them without changing anything in their diet or exercise. Harry Preuss, MD and author of The Natural Fat Loss Pharmacy, reminds us the “supplements are aids”, and should only be a piece in your weight loss plan. It is equally important that you take weight loss supplements how they were intended, meaning the amount taken, with or without food, etc. for optimal effectiveness.



Source: Better Nutrition, “Weight Loss Myths” by  Vera Tweed

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