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April 8, 2022 Organic Eating

Spring is here! And with it, some delicious seasonal fruits & veggies, always organic and fresh from the farm at Organic Roots. Looking to eat more produce that is in it’s peak season? We’ve got you covered. Raspberries Raspberries start showing up in April, peaking mid summer and lasting until October. They should be bright and evenly colored, with a full and roundness to the shape. Asparagus Asparagus is at peak in April and May, giving us the bright green…

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Comments Off on Recipe: Coconut Kefir using Inner EcoRecipe: Coconut Kefir using Inner Eco

March 25, 2022 Recipe, Product Highlight

9Did you know that you can use Inner Eco Original Probiotic Coconut Water to actually make your own Coconut Kefir Yogurt? We didn’t either! Here is a great recipe brought to you from Inner Eco itself, showing us a great use for this amazing produce. It’s time for a Recipe: Coconut Kefir using Inner Eco. According to their website, Inner Eco Probiotic Coconut Water contains the beneficial cultures. Some include: Lactococcus lactis subsp., Leuconostoc subsp., Streptococcus thermophiles, Lactobacillus subsp. These cultures aid in…

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Comments Off on Why Drink Hot Tea?Why Drink Hot Tea?

March 18, 2022 Food Benefits

When the weather is cold and rainy, it is second nature to reach for that kettle and brew some hot tea to warm up. But are their benefits to drinking hot tea year round? Let’s give you some insight. 1. Digestion Herbals teas like peppermint and ginger are known digestive aids.  They are often used to help with symptoms of IBS and often used as a remedy for nausea. Although cold brewed still holds the same benefits, hot drinks helps…

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Comments Off on Lift Your Spirits with MarquisLift Your Spirits with Marquis

March 11, 2022 Product Highlight

Marqology is the next generation of energized cocktails. Elevate your craft cocktail experience with their signature blend of plant based caffeine and organic fruit flavors. Since most of your cocktail is the mixer, they assure every sip tastes great, without any additional sugars, calories, or carbs.   Marqini Fleur Super Berry | Spirit: Vodka Ingredients 2 parts Vodka  1 part St. Germain  4 parts Marquis Super Berry Garnish Squeeze of Lime     Marqarita Citrus Yuzu | Spirit: Tequila Ingredients…

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Comments Off on How to Cook Corned BeefHow to Cook Corned Beef

March 4, 2022 How To, Uncategorized

Corned Beef, also called salt beef, is a salt cured brisket of beef that is traditionally enjoyed on or around St. Patricks Day since it Ireland has been a major producer of the meat since the Middle Ages, and it was a dish eaten by many Irish immigrants in the US in the 19th century. At Organic Roots, we make our Corned Beef fresh for you in house. We take Grass Fed & Finished Beef Brisket and brine it without…

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Comments Off on The Power of Bone BrothThe Power of Bone Broth

February 25, 2022 Food Benefits, Immune Support

Due to When it’s cold out it may be obvious to cook up some warm broth. After reading this, you may consider adding broth to your diet, rain or shine. It is a stock made from boiling animal bones and connective tissue. This is done to extract the vitamins and minerals and create a concentrated broth to drink for nutritional benefits. This is the power of bone broth. Promotes Joint Health Animal bones and connective tissue contain a protein called…

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Comments Off on Foods to Eat for Heart HealthFoods to Eat for Heart Health

February 18, 2022 Food Benefits

February is Heart Health Month, and at Organic Roots we are celebrating all things heart healthy! Walk the aisles of our store or flip through our Hot Deals ad and look out for the little hearts that let you know which items are good for your heart! And to help give you a general idea of the best Whole Foods for health, we made this list for you to see which foods to eat for heart heatlh!   Beets Beets are…

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Comments Off on Product Highlight: Heritage Store RosewaterProduct Highlight: Heritage Store Rosewater

February 11, 2022 Product Highlight

Heritage Store is a brand that began in 1969, long before “self care” was a buzzword. Their products have been a staple in wellness store shelves, and recently got a new updated look! But what makes these products so special? Let us tell you a little bit about the benefits of Heritage Store Rosewater. The Benefits Rosewater itself has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It can even help wounds heal faster, and help fade scars. Thanks to the high antioxidants, it…

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Comments Off on Recipe: Baked Chicken WingsRecipe: Baked Chicken Wings

February 4, 2022 Recipe

With the big game just around the corner, we thought we’d share our favorite game day recipe: baked chicken wings! Our baked chicken wings are made using all natural antibiotic free chicken wings straight from our meat department and uses an aluminum free baking powder to give them a crispy outside while keeping the insides tender and juicy. Remember, you can shop at Organic Roots online for curbside pick up and local delivery! Ingredients:  – 2 lb. all natural antibiotic…

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Comments Off on All About Manuka HoneyAll About Manuka Honey

January 28, 2022 SuperFoods, Immune Support

During the cold and flu season, everyone has their go to remedies. Some people are obsessed with certain natural cough syrups. Or green juices loaded with ginger. Some swear by chicken noodle soup. Or homeopathic immune boosters. But one of the very best remedies that has gained in popularity over the past few years – for good reason – is Manuka honey.  What is Manuka Honey? You’re obviously familiar with honey. But what sets Manuka honey apart?  Named after the…

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